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StowAway Max Cargo Carrier: the ultimate packing hack

StowAway Max Cargo Carrier: the ultimate packing hack

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This post was updated October 5, 2017.

Top cargo carrier for road trips

The one thing that makes you wanna throw in the towel.  Right next to the kitchen sink that's been added to the pile of luggage and beach gear.  

The big family road trip is approaching and you can't shake this one nagging question:  "How in the heck are we going to fit everything in our vehicle for this trip?"  

We've been there.  

The arguments.  The tears.  The deafening silence as the road trips begins.  Because you couldn't make room for the shade canopy, the boogie boards, or the extra bag of beach toys.  

Am I exaggerating?  Maybe.  Maybe not.

Today your family's packing problems are solved.  

Ultimate packing hack

When it comes to packing for vacation, I just can't stop talking about this one thing.  Tell me to shut up about it and I won't.  

If you are a big family, you need the StowAway MAX Cargo Carrier.  If you are a parent with a son or daughter about to go far away to college, you'll want this.  If you are a couple planning a cross-country trip, this will be one purchase you won't regret.    

10 reasons to LOVE the StowAway MAX Cargo Box:

1.  Growing families require big space  

We are a family of six, and we usually travel by mini-van.  Six people and all our stuff in a mini-van does not leave much room for feet.  

Unless you have the StowAway MAX Cargo Carrier.  

We recently lent our cargo box to two 20-something siblings for their cross-country journey.  It enabled them to sleep in the back of their mini-SUV while their belongings remained secure in the cargo box.

2.  Cheaper than buying a large SUV

We did the math.  When we were in the market for a new vehicle, we contemplated buying a large SUV in order to have more luggage/storage space.  But with the huge jump in market price (mini-van vs. large SUV) and the high gas mileage, we just couldn't make the jump.  

With the StowAway, we have all the extra space we need without spending an arm and a leg.  Which brings me to the next point...

3.  Bang for the buck 

The StowAway MAX Cargo Box is reasonably priced and won't break the bank.  With as much as we've traveled with it, I'm convinced we've received more than our money's worth from it.

4.  Easy to load and unload  

This box provides 16 cubic feet of extra storage.  The extra large space really acts like an extra trunk.  We've found it easy to pack and unpack and move things around.  

We recently used our Stowaway on our 16 day road trip through California.  We basically use it on every road trip.

5.  Swing-away frame - it's genius

This feature enables you to access your vehicle's trunk space while the cargo box remains hitched.  The simple latching system with safety pin gives extra assurance the thing won't fly off the arm.  It's so simple, I know how to do it without asking my husband for help.

6.  Rugged, durable, and weather-resistant 

The StowAway MAX Cargo Carrier is made so tough, I'm sure it will last well past the year 2027, when our last baby goes off to college.  That's all I ask.

7.  One giant bear can 

We like to camp.  And sometimes hungry bears, raccoons, possums, or other animals like to visit.  This cargo box equals one giant bear can.  

No more stringing up your groceries or trash in the tree.  We like to save the trees for hanging our Hobo hammocks.  Just lock your cooler and groceries up in the Stowaway at night, and sleep easy.  

8.  Carries up to 200 pounds  

Ski gear, extra luggage, camping gear, hunting gear, college stuff, you name it!  Enough said.

9.  Easily connects to blinkers and illuminates your license plate 

No-sweat process.  My hubby had it hooked up in minutes.

10.  Ships to your door

We bought ours directly from StowAway2.  You can also find it here on Amazon.


StowAway2 provides excellent customer service and they ask extra questions to make sure you'll have everything you need for a proper fit and a peace of mind.  

What we think

We LOVE the StowAway Max Cargo Carrier!

Everywhere we go, people ask us about it.  We gladly show it off.  Folks from all over have quizzed us about it on our road trips to Yellowstone, Florida, Zion National Park... the list goes on.  Game-changer.

Go ahead.  Take the kitchen sink.


Know someone who needs the StowAway in their life?  Please feel free to share this article with them.  Thank you! 

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