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"Travel is recess, and we need it."

- Rick Steves

Early on in our relationship, one of the things that drew my husband and I together was our shared love for adventure, play, travel, and new experiences.  From the moment we bought matching camp chairs and mummy sleeping bags, we knew we were meant to be. 

Just two years into marriage, we made one our best decisions ever. 

Together, with our trusty new friend Rick Steves, we planned a 25 day backpacking journey throughout Europe in April of 2000.  This trek came on the heels of an uber draining, discouraging first year of ministry and marriage, followed by a second year of moving (again), hitting the reset button, and wrestling with the question "What's next?" 

So we did what any wise young couple would do when looking for a new steady job and a new place to land: we said no to a good-looking job offer and hopped on a plane to Europe. 

Crazy?!  Our parents thought so. 

We packed our backpacks wide-eyed and giddy. 

Debt-free with some savings in the bank, and pre-kids, our guts told us we'd be crazy not to go.  We were right.  

You know what that trip did for us?  Brought us closer together.  Glued our marriage together with magnificent memories.  Altered our world view. 

And landed my husband a job in Germany for the next 6 years.  Who knew?

When our first son was born in Germany two years later, we made a pact that having a family would not alter our love for travel and adventure. 

You know what traveling has done for our family?  Brought us closer together.  Glued our family together with magnificent memories.  Instilled more awe in our Maker and in the works of His Hands.  And so much more. 

We firmly believe that one major factor for families who stay together, is that they play together. 

Eighteen years of marriage and fourteen years with kids in tow, we're excited to share our take on family adventure with you.  We aim to encourage your family to stick together by taking more recess together.  

Adventures on the road and the mile markers in between.  

From time to time, we'll also share encouragement and inspiration for your ever growing family.  The fun and the hard.  The good and the messy.  

And we'll share other family's travel stories with you in our Rad Family Collective series.

Be inspired and jump off from here.  Help your family to stick closer together through extraordinary sightings and the making of wonderful memories. 

Welcome to Rad Family Travel.

On the road together, 

Tanya Raedeke, Founder Rad Family Travel

“There are far, far better things ahead than any we leave behind.” - C.S. Lewis

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