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Hobo Hammocks: a review

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Updated December 27, 2017.

Hobo Hammock review

Our family discovered the Hobo Hammock right before Spring Break in 2016.  Preparing for our trip to the Keys, and we were deciding what to bring along.  Flying for once (we're usually road-trippers!), we knew we were limited on space and weight.  Since we all love hanging in a hammock, and the hammock is lightweight and packs down really small, it definitely made it on the pack list. 

But, one double hammock for six of us just wasn’t going to cut it.  It was time to buy another one, or two!  We already owned an Eno hammock**, but this budget-minded family wasn’t ready to drop another $69 for the Eno, plus $15-40 for a separate strapping system.  No bueno.

Best affordable camping hammock

That’s when we discovered Hobo Hammocks online.   My husband loves research online, hunting for the best deals for any gear we’re looking to buy.  He’s not afraid to spend the extra time to do some good ol’ comparison shopping.

We quickly realized why Hobo Hammocks are a win-win.  Learning we'd get a fantastic hammock system from a heart-and-soul company that serves the homeless a meal for every hammock bought completely sold us!  In fact, Hobo Hammocks is aiming to do more, their tagline being "Gear for you, gear for the homeless."


Why Hobo Hammocks are better than Enos:

1)   The $59 pricetag alone is worth a good long look, especially when you get …

2)   One Double Size Parachute Nylon Camping Hammock (10 ft. X 6.5 ft) with an attached pouch, making it lightweight and easy to pack

3)   It’s tested to hold up to 540 lbs. (Eno only holds 400 lbs.)

4)   Two 10 foot long Hobo hanging straps are INCLUDED!  (Straps for an Eno Doublenest can run $15-40 extra!)

5)   Two ultra-strength steel carabiners are provided to keep you safely hanging high

6)   Awesome, stylish color options (pick between colors like: Purple People Eater, Lime Cloud, Camouflage, Sunset, Pink Panther, Big Blue, and more!)

7)   Lifetime Unlimited Warranty

8)   Step-by-step online video shows you how to hang your hammock with an easy knot!

9)   Free 3-day shipping on ALL U.S. orders!  Fist bump.

10)  One scrumptious meal delivered to one hungry person in your name (love this!)

11)  Jake and his Hobo Hammocks team also serve at the Rescue Mission in Salt Lake City.  They are on a real mission to provide quality camping gear and help the homeless at the same time.

You can't beat this hammock

An awesome hammock for an awesome price, while helping the homeless.  So naturally, we bought two!  And guess what?  Last we knew, Hobo Hammocks was working on the Yak Sak sleeping bag Kickstarter.  Their goal is to help provide sleeping bags for the homeless as well.  The Yak Sak is next on my wish list as soon as it becomes available.

Here at Rad Family Travel, we resonate with Hobo Hammocks’ mission and we are proud to be an official #hambassador!  Check out Hobo Hammocks and “Help spread the love, one hammock at at time!”  

Happy Hanging!

*This just means I earn a small commission should you click over and purchase goods from Hobo Hammocks, but your price remains unaffected.  Thank you for your support! 

 **There is a great Hobo Hammock vs. Eno Hammock side by side review here.