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Tanya Raedeke, Founder Rad Family Travel

Tanya Raedeke, Founder Rad Family Travel


About Rad Family Travel

Rad Family Travel is for families searching online for fresh vacation ideas, outdoor adventures, as well as travel tips, products and services that help us make our best memories. Recess. Adventure. Discover. Together. That's what we're all about!

Reader Demographics

Our readers are Moms and Dads between the ages 25-54 interested in traveling all over the United States and occasionally abroad. Road trips, national parks, cities, camping, outdoor adventures, and luxury travel all interest our readers.


Social Media Reach

as of 11/27/2017

Email Subscribers: 400

Twitter: 1470 followers

Pinterest: 129,000 monthly views

Instagram: 436 followers

Facebook page: 245 followers

Opportunities available:

Underwritten posts

Purchasing an underwritten post gives your business the chance to sponsor an in-depth post written by Tanya Raedeke that Rad Family Travel readers love. These posts receive ongoing attention on Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook, and are optimized for great search engine results.

Tanya will suggest possible post ideas within a topic, including ideas for social media worthy graphics. She will then write the post in her personal voice, and the post will go live on an agreed upon date.

Sidebar Sponsorship

Tanya is willing to feature your business in her sidebar for an agreed upon monthly price, so long as it is a product or service she personally knows and uses.

Giveaway and Email Newsletter Promotion

Tanya is happy to consider hosting a giveaway of your product or provide a "shout-out" in her newsletter about your product or service, preferably once she has had a chance to try out and review the product herself.

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