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Family travel made easy

At Rad Family Travel, we believe something special happens when your family leaves town, unplugs, and explores new places and new cultures together. 

Whether it's a road trip through the United States, a vacation abroad, taking in cities, mountains, beaches, exploring gorgeous national parks, or a missions trip, there are endless options for families to get away together and reconnect.  Simply put, shared experiences bind your family closer together. 

Destination ideas, travel hacks, and more

One of the things our readers love most is that we share a variety of destinations, travel hacks, and faves.  You’ll also find all kinds of inspiration in our rad family collective series where we share other family's travel stories.  And we host super fun giveaways!

My hope is that Rad Family Travel will act as a springboard of encouragement for your family to take off, unplug, and build fantastic memories together.

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Destination ideas and tips from rad families like yours

This Colorado based family adventure blog shows you the coolest spots in the western United States and beyond. Plus, from time to time, we have guest families that share their rad adventures all over the world too!

If you’re just looking for super fun family vacation destination ideas beyond Disney, here’s a free resource listing 20 places to go with your kids. This is a short-and-sweet little e-Booklet highlighting 20 of our favorite travel locations so far.

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All you really need for hiking Havasupai with kids

Are you looking for help planning the most epic Spring Break trip inside the Grand Canyon with your tweens and teens? Have you read about our hiking and camping trip to Havasu Falls with kids? It was unforgettable to say the least.

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