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Havasupai Falls with kids
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 Download great ideas for your family's next best adventure!

Download great ideas for your family's next best adventure!

Hiking Havasupai with kids

Naturally, the best part of our 4 day Havasupai adventure was the non-stop breath-taking views!

Today, I'm not going to talk so much about our adventure as I plan to show you. 

But first, you gotta know that I lugged my Canon Rebel Tsi camera, plus two extra lenses all the way down to Paradise.

I used my big ole' camera ONCE. I pulled it out of my camera bag one time and snapped one picture.

An iPhone 8 Plus was all I needed. ALL of the pictures in this post were taken with it. 

On a whim, I upgraded to an iPhone 8 Plus right before our adventure. Totally LOVE the pictures it captured on our bucket-list trip! The portrait setting alone soon nominated me as the group photographer.

Plus, the iPhone 8 is waterproof. (But hold on tight when you're climbing those ladders!) Couple my new iPhone with a nifty solar charger, and I quickly regretted packing my Canon on our arduous hike. 

On to the stunning images, because pictures are worth a thousand words.

Day 1: Hiking down

Day 1 highlights:

  • Reached the Havasuipai Trailhead at Hualapai Hilltop by 9:15 am
  • Checked in and tagged our bags of camping gear and food for 12 people for the 3 mules to carry down
  • Began hiking down at 9:40 am
  • Hiked 8 miles down to Supai village - we took our sweet time!
  • Checked into the Havasupai Reservations Office for the campground, received our arm-bands and grabbed ice cream snacks at the little Trading Post
  • Gawked at Little Navajo Falls, then Havasu Falls as we continued the remaining 2 mile hike to the campground
  • Set up camp near Havasu Creek around 3:40 pm 
  • Explored, prepared chicken & broccoli stir-fry dinner, and crashed by 9 pm 

Day 2: Playing in Havasu Falls and more

Day 2 highlights:

  • Enjoyed an easy morning in camp with coffee, hot cocoa, oatmeal, etc.
  • Took a naan-bread pizza picnic lunch and laughed and played in Havasu Falls*
  • Some of us took afternoon naps back in camp or in our favorite hammocks hung over the creek
  • Wandered down along Havasu Creek all the way to the top of Mooney Falls to scope out the descent for the next day's adventure
  • Opted for a Ramen dinner and a large MRE taste test
  • The stars at night were GORGEOUS. The sound of the rushing creek lulled us to sleep.
* If we look a little chilly, it's because we kinda were at times. We were expecting 70 degree days when we planned the trip, but a little cold front moved through and day time highs hovered around 60 the two days we had to play in the Falls. Thankfully, blue skies and plenty of sunshine prevailed, but we were also super grateful we had packed super cool towels, plus lots of layers. 
 Havasu and Mooney Falls pack list

Havasu and Mooney Falls pack list

Day 3: Mooney Falls and Fifty Foot Falls

Day 3 highlights:

  • Enjoyed another easy going campground morning
  • Left at 10 am for quick hike down to top of Mooney Falls
  • All 12 of us descended at our own risk and climbed the slick rungs, chains, and ladders all the way down to Mooney Falls
  • Picnicked and played at Mooney
  • Trekked back up to camp for optional down time while some of us took the short hike up to explore Little Navajo Falls and Fifty Foot Falls
  • Treated ourselves to the Fry Bread Hut and delicious Indian Tacos for dinner!

Day 4: Hiking out

Day 4 highlights:

  • Broke down camp, filled up water reservoirs and bottles, dropped off bags to the pack mules, and began hiking out by 8:15 a.m.
  • Our two 9 year olds led the hike out the entire way
  • Stopped briefly in the village for Pop Tarts, Vanilla Wafers, bananas and Cheese-Its - hiking motivators
  • Made 3 snack / rest stops and reached Hualapai Hilltop about 2:20 pm
  • High-fived each other, threw our dusty packs and gear in our vehicles and drove towards Williams, Arizona 
  • Stopped for root beer floats along the way to Williams
  • Checked in at the Downtowner - Rodeway Inn & Suites - recently renovated, cool motel along Route 66 in Williams, Arizona
  • Splurged and celebrated at the Historic Barrel & Bottle House - amazing grub and so many choices for beer!

But what about Beaver Falls?

Here's the short of it, as far as we were concerned: Leave the tweens and teens wanting more.

Here's the long of it: Following a 10 mile day down, plus loads of fun playing in Havasu Falls and Mooney Falls over the next two days, we chose not to take the extra 8 mile round trip hike to Beaver Falls from the campground.

Naps and hammocking over Havasu creek won over more miles in our boots.

Besides, we really want our kids to enjoy hiking and it always nice to leave them wanting more. It's very likely our kids will re-visit Havasupai in the future with college friends or the like. They can add on a brand-new experience of playing at Beaver Falls.

Learn more about the five waterfalls of Havasu here.

Campground moments and more...

Havasupai Falls hike with kids over spring break.jpg

Have you been to Havasupai? What were your favorite moments? What advice would you give to families headed there?

Stay tuned, as I plan to share Havasu packing tips and more in a future post!

All pictures in this post belong to Tanya Raedeke and may not be used without written permission.

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World famous green chile cheeseburger

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