Top things to do in Sevilla, Spain

Top things to do and see in Sevilla Spain. A travel guide for family travel to Andalucia. Enjoy tapas, paseo strolls, night life, shopping, and history in southern Spain. Add day trips to Cordoba, Ronda, Granada, and Nerja. See why Sevilla is the perfect place to base yourself for southern Spain!

Havasupai Falls with kids

Havasuai Falls in the Grand Canyon on your bucket list? Here's a photo journal & overview of our hiking / camping trip down to see Havasu, Mooney Falls, and more. Our two families totaling 4 adults and 8 tweens and teens are proof that you can make this happen!

Why Buena Vista, Colorado rocks

Buena Vista, Colorado rocks for family vacations! Adventurous things to do in this lively, rejuvenated mountain town. Play, eat, drink, shop and stay along the Arkansas River.  Whitewater thrills, hiking, biking, fishing, climbing, and more await you in this sweet area of the Rocky Mountains.

Sightseeing by Warby Parker

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Yosemite Camping Tips

How to get a walk-in tent camp site in Yosemite National Park. The only first-come, first-serve campground in the valley is Camp 4.  Popular among rock climbers and families alike, make this your camping destination of choice when headed to California parks.