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Real help for new bloggers in 2019

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How to take your blog to new heights

Real help for new (or old!) bloggers in 2019. There is something in this post for everyone, no matter what stage of the blogging game you’re in.

First things first. Do you have what it takes to become a successful blogger? Answer these nine questions and know the truth about what you’re made of!

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How to Set Up A Self-Hosted WordPress Blog

While I personally use Squarespace, Wordpress is another platform many bloggers use. This simple tutorial will easily walk you through the steps of setting up a self-hosted Wordpress blog all by yourself!

If you want to know more about why I use Squarespace, reach out to me here.

The Beginner's Guide to Branding Your Blog

Good branding and blog design are essential to a blogger's success. Find out how to brand and design your blog so your audience knows exactly WHO you are as an entrepreneur and a company! This is a game changer, and right now it’s absolutely free.

The Essential Blog Post Promotion Checklist

Think you’re all finished as soon as your blog post is written? Think again! After your post is written is when the real work of promoting it begins. What’s the point of a blog post if no one’s reading it? Here’s a quick checklist that covers everything you need to do to promote your blog posts.

EBA Blog Structure Blueprint

A clear blog structure is critical to a blogger's success. Need help? Find out how to organize your blog so that your readers can always find exactly what they're looking for and become raving fans! A simple template for an organized blog right here.

Blogging Success Stories


Not even sure you can run a blog and enjoy it at the same time?

Blogging isn’t for the faint of heart. And I’ll admit it, I’ve had plenty of doubts along the way. I’ve learned over that it’s a marathon, not a sprint.

Here me on this: there is awesome community — think Facebook groups — and encouragement in the EBA classroom, as well as in my blogging niche, which happens to be family travel. The community, plus every success, no matter how big or small, spurs me to keep pressing on!

And Ruth Soukup, Founder of EBA, is to blogging success, what Dave Ramsey is to financial peace and freedom. She is the expert, in my book.

From broke to booming, check out these impressive success stories from real people who are crushing it! Testimonies from numerous bloggers who turned their passion into a successful full-time paying job.

20 FREE (or almost free) WordPress Plugins

Don’t know a ton about programming but still want a website that looks and functions like it was custom-coded? That’s why we’ve put together this list of the best free and almost-free WordPress plugins — so you don’t have to waste your time sorting through bad plugins to find the ones that will actually add value to your site.

15 Mobile Apps Every Blogger Needs

Let’s be real here — starting an online business is no joke. But guess what? There are some great options for blogging on-the-go. From editing your photos to writing posts, you can do just about anything for your blog from the palm of your hand. Opt-in here to have this guide sent straight to your inbox! 

10 Steps to Take When A Blog Post Goes Viral

Want to know how to maximize a popular post? Our super helpful guide shares the exact steps you need to take to make the most of a traffic surge and build momentum that will last. It’s a game changer, and today, you can get it absolutely free!

7 Surefire Ways to Boost Your Blog Income Overnight

Packed with practical tips you can implement right away, this super helpful mini ebook will help you maximize revenue you are earning from the audience you already have. Go from good to great overnight. This little booklet is right at your fingertips (just click on the image at the left)!

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