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Ever wondered which types of vacations are made for you?

Whether you’re a worldwide jet-setter or road trips are more your style, have you ever wondered just what is your ideal friends or family vacation?

Which travel destinations will give you the getaway you’re looking for?


Maybe you live to load ‘em up and move ‘em out, with a destination in sight, but you’re open to detours too. Twelve hours in the car? No biggie. Throw on the audio book, ask each other life’s big questions, and enjoy each other’s company.


Do you prefer sand between your toes with the ocean breeze tossing your cares away, while your kids chase the waves and build endless sand castles? Ice cream cones every day, fresh seafood, and karaoke ‘til the sun goes down.


Or do you come alive combing big city streets for unique eateries and funky dives, with bits of culture, architecture, arts and history sprinkled throughout your day and night?


Are the mountains calling and You. Must. Go. Do you love to get lost in a world of hiking trails, fresh air, wildlife, and rushing creeks. Pine needles make for a great bed and cooking over a fire is your expertise.

Does leaving on a jet plane with your passports in hand off to foreign lands and unfamiliar languages get your blood pumping? Perhaps navigating trains, buses, boats and metro lines are more your thing, and sleeping in a different city or country every night is all just part of the adventure for you.


Wait. Hold up.

Is your mind swirling with all kinds of possibilities for your next vacation? Or maybe you’re thinking “It’s definitely time to try some place new!”

Y’all - we get it.

Choosing your next perfect vacation can be hard.

But it doesn’t have to be.

See which vacations are made for you!

We’ll happily send you personalized travel suggestions depending on your quiz results. Let’s get you out there on that next rad vacay!

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You just might be surprised.

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