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Rad favorites for every season

Rad favorites for every season

This post contains affiliate links.  At no additional cost to you, if you click on links or pictures that take you elsewhere and you end up making a purchase, I may make small commission.  

Favorites at home

These tried-and-true go-tos will be found sitting on my counters, around a camp fire, or in my hands for years to come. High quality, outstanding products that Grandma would be proud of.

Let's get cooking

This gorgeous red, enameled, cast iron Le Creuset cookware puts in work on my stove weekly.  She has tastefully roasted whole chickens and rump roasts, simmered calico beans and hearty vegetable beef chili, and slow-cooked many batches of chicken broth to say the least. 

The smooth sand-colored enamel inside prevents sticking and cleans up simply. The dome-shaped lid holds in flavor by boosting circulation of moisture and heat.

I know people that have owned theirs for 40 years plus. With a lifetime guarantee, I'm sure to get loads of bang for my buck and plan to pass it down a generation.  

Definitely worth the investment.  Check out more colors and sizes here.

Two of my favorite books of all time

While I may not agree with Jen Hatmaker on every single little thing, I agree with her on most important things in life, and I know we're sisters at heart.

I value Jen's heart-provoking challenges and reach for her silly Jimmy Fallon-ish humor laced throughout her book For the Love.  Jen, Jimmy, and I were all born in 1974, so their flashback musings make me laugh 'til my face hurts.

So, I leave For the Love in my car for injections of laughters and gentle reminders as I wait on my kids' sports practices to wrap up.  

I crack open Shauna Niequist's Bread & Wine regularly for tasty recipes and inspiration for times around the table with loved ones.  

Shauna reminds us why meals around the table are good for the family, good for the soul.  She's inspired us to try a come-one, come-all monthly soup night with friends.

 Ten of fall in love favorites at home and out-and-about for every season. High quality, outstanding products that Grandma would be proud of. These tried-and-true go-tos will be found sitting on my counters, in my cupboards, or in my hands for years to come.

Hang this up for some down time

I know it seems hammocks are all the rage.  And there are so many makers to choose from.

I own an Eno. But I reach for my Hobo hammock every time.  

I love what Hobo Hammocks stand for: feeding and caring for the homeless.  And you can't beat their low price for a double hobo hammock, hanging straps included, and free shipping.  Hobo Hammocks posts sale promos often.  Keep your eyes peeled here.

Related post: 11 reasons why I love my Hobo hammock.

The best grain mill

Okay, I'm not really that "crunchy."  But I'm a sucker for anything made in Germany, like this solid beechwood grain mill made by KoMo.  

Thanks to the sweet, passionate little lady at the Berry Patch in Cleveland, Missouri who easily won me over to the nutritious benefits of fresh milled whole grains over stripped, store-shelf-life flour in mere minutes. Her blueberry muffins were divine.

I am by no means an expert when it comes to milling grains, but let me just say that we make THE BEST homemade pizza when we use our KoMo to quickly grind 100% stone ground wheat for the crust. I do not feel like my guts are going to explode after I've devoured several pieces of pizza, and my friends and family can't believe they are eating whole grain crust - it's that good!

My KoMo Fidibus Classic grain mill makes grinding wheat and more a breeze and comes with a 12 year warranty. And it looks beautiful standing on your kitchen counter.

Homemade pizza

The only thing that would be better than a pizza stone are two pizza stones.

We make pizza weekly.  And we make three or four in one night's time.

Wanna know a little trick for baking the best homemade pizza?  My sweet friend Melissa and her husband Brad taught me this:

  • place your pizza stone in the oven 
  • preheat oven to 500 degrees
  • once at 500 degrees, allow pizza stone to heat up for 30 minutes
  • use parchment paper for easy baking and clean-up

Try this 16" pizza stone made by Old Stone Oven. This would make a great gift too. You're welcome.

Simply the best

I'm not a huge magazine connoisseur, but when my kind mother-in-law offered to buy me a subscription to The Magnolia Journal, I could not resist.

Inspiration for life and home and family, Chip and Joanna do not disappoint in this endeavor either. The Magnolia Journal is chock full of positive, encouraging articles and stories, and of course, design ideas.  A breath of fresh air and a great companion to some time in that hammock up above.

My everyday mug

Introducing the MiiR camp cup.

I only use this mug for my morning cup of joe.  And here's why:

  • Double wall insulation means you won't burn your hand. 
  • Keeps cold, stays hot. 
  • The press-on lid amazingly prevents splashes and keeps your coffee warm even longer.
  • 18/8 stainless steel doesn't transfer any flavor so there's no metallic aftertaste.
  • Your purchase of this 12oz Camp Cup funds trackable clean water & health projects.

The MiiR camp cup proudly makes me the envy of every daily errand and camping trip. Contemplating making up a Rad Family Travel branded batch soon. Stay tuned!

The easiest way to make homemade popcorn

Crank out 6 quarts of theater style popcorn with the Whirly Pop in just three minutes.  Making kettle corn in a snap.

The crank and stainless steel stirring piece keep popcorn from sticking and burning by keeping everything moving until the last kernel pops. Super quick to clean the lightweight aluminum pan - just wipe it out with a paper towel. 

The best part: the Whirly Pop is easy enough for your tweens and teens to use.

Ariat cowboy boots

Five years and running and these are still my favorite boots.  

I'm not a cowgirl, but I appreciate the comfort and style of these every season boots. And the arch support and heel are just right for me. Rub some leather cleaner and conditioner on them a two to three times a year, and these will give you lots of bang for your buck.  

Ariat offers different styles for different tastes in men's, women's, and children's sizes.

Let's get crafty

Release your creative side with this high quality watercolor brush pen set. This 20 color set by Akashiya Sai. Save money and have fun making your own birthday, congratulations, or thank you cards in your own unique hand-writing. My tween daughter is already on her second set.  

Not art-smart nor too keen on your own hand-writing? Check out my tween daughter's new Etsy shop, KikiCardsCO, where she sells one-of-a-kind watercolor note cards (envelopes included). 

The friendship cards with fruit and vegetable puns will make you smile. 

10 best things for fall and every season
Fall in love COLLAGE PIN.jpg

What are your favorite go-tos at home and out and about?  Comment below, I'd love to know!


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