All in packing

Tips for successfully taking off on the road with kids

You know those final hours leading up to a family road trip, or the hours before you and your hubs depart for that special romantic getaway you've been counting down for months (or perhaps years)?  All of a sudden everything else is demanding your time...  And you still need to pack!  I've been there.  But guess what?  I've picked up some tips and strategies along the way that make the final countdown to lift-off a little less crazy.  Here's how to get ready the 72 hours leading up to a getaway with tweens and teens.

The best hammock

Hobo Hammocks makes a perfect double hammock for home, family vacation, and camping. Move over Eno, here's 11 reasons this complete hanging system rocks.  An affordable hammock from a compassionate company that serves the homeless a meal for every hammock bought and more. In fact, Hobo Hammocks is aiming to do more, their tagline being "Gear for you, gear for the homeless."