Your kids are smart.  They can learn how to pack their own suitcase and you can teach them how.  Download our free printable kids pack list today!  copyright yarutta   

Teach your kids how to pack

Guess what?  I bet your kids are smart.  

And they can easily learn how to pack their own luggage.

As each of our four babies came along, we bought each one their own carry-on size suitcase.  

Before our kiddos could even read, we were teaching them how to pack, one step at a time.  It sounded something like this:  

"Go get four pairs of underwear....

Now choose four pairs of socks...  

Bring me two pairs of pajamas...

Way to go!  You did it!"

Now that my kids all read, I simply hand them a printed checklist of what they should pack for our trip, and away they go!  

When our younger two finish, we go through their bag together and double-check they have everything they need.   There's no need to check my teenagers' carry-on bags anymore.  Hallelujah!  They're growing up!

Each of our four kiddos also pack a personal backpack with their favorite comfort and amusement items to help pass the time traveling to our destination.  Suggestions are on the pack list!  

Teaching our kids to pack for themselves is one way we are raising confident travelers.

They may not be pros at loading the dishwasher without being told yet, but they are definitely pros when we call out "Time to pack your bag!"

Helpful tips:  At our house, all clothing goes in the carry-on size suitcase, as well as small toiletries.  Toiletries go in a Ziploc bag just in case something explodes! 

Usually, we just pack enough for 4-5 days.  We try to lodge where we can easily do laundry mid-week.  Research laundry options before you go.

Just hand your kids our free pack list along with a marker to cross through the list as they throw things into their suitcase.  Voila!  Done.  Easy peasy.

Free Printable Kids Pack List

To help teach your kids how to pack for themselves, I've created a FREE PRINTABLE pack list just for you.  Grab it NOW!