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What traveling teaches you and your kids

What traveling teaches you and your kids

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7 more reasons why traveling benefits our kids

A few months ago, I wrote a post where I listed 7 reasons why we should travel with our kids as much as we can.  But the list goes on...

Read 7 more reasons why we should travel with kids, and then let me know what you would add to the list!


8.  Might prepare your family for a big move  

From the get-go, my hubby and I intentionally carved out time to travel and see new places.  I believe this made the decision to move to Germany just two years into our marriage that much easier.  

I believe the way we've traveled countless umpteen hours to see all kinds of places helped pave the way to make a big move from Kansas City to Colorado Springs that much easier on our four kids.  

Our family adventures have helped my kids dream up their own... my older daughter talks about living in Paris one day.  

9.  Teaches us more about natural wonders

Soak in the great outdoors and learning at the same time?  I'll take it!

Looking a sea turtle in the eye or kneeling down to watch a bee drink from a columbine flower, these first-hand experiences will teach us more about creation and our Maker much more than Google ever could.

Pictured above: Grand Prismatic Spring at Yellowstone National Park, photo by Tanya Raedeke

(photo courtesy of )

(photo courtesy of

10.  Provides opportunities to problem solve  

When your plane arrives past midnight and the rental car company has already shut down their counter for the night, you get to model how to (or how not to!) figure out Plan B for transportation or lodging for the night.  

Nearly every trip has at least one moment where things don't go the way we've planned, so we all learn how to flex and figure out our next steps together. 


11.  Helps us practice kindness with everyone 

Escaping cookie-cutter Suburbia reminds us we don't all experience life the same way.

While traveling, we encounter people from all different kinds of backgrounds and walks of life, and we practice simply being kind to others.  We practice common courtesies and social graces like Please, Thank you, Excuse me, May I help you? and I'm happy to do that for you!

A great, simple place to practice this with your kids while you're traveling is while using public transportation or playing at a local park.  Bumping into other kids on a playground, waiting turns on a slide, asking to be pushed on a swing all give us lots of chances to be kind. 


12.  Connects us as we know each other better  

We learn so much about each other while playing together on vacation.  

Some of us are not afraid one bit of the deep, dark ocean, while others of us need an arm to grab on to while we snorkel.  Some of us love riding a chair lift, while others can't wait to place our feet back on the ground.  

We learn what makes us tick (or ticked off!), nervous, excited, happy, or sad.  We become more aware of our strengths and weaknesses and learn to appreciate each other's interests and passions.

Learn more about snorkeling excursions in the Florida Keys.


13.  Teaches our kids how to use maps  

On the way to Yellowstone, cell phone service was pretty much non-existent in the middle of Wyoming, so we bought a road map covering the state.  Seriously would not have made it to West Yellowstone without it.  

In the Keys, renting a boat and embarking on an open water mission to snorkel around an old lighthouse tested our know-how.  We (slowly) learned how to navigate that boat through the waters using a hand held map and the boat's navigation system.  

We may or may not have run into a sandbar once or twice.  We learned how to read that water map and lived to tell about it!    

(East coast US Capitol copyright Vichaya Kiatying-Angsulee / 123RF Stock Photo)

14.  Learn history

Every place has a story to tell.  Even the 100 year-old posh lake resort.  Whether we're looking for it or not,  we walk away with a history lesson about a town, a monument, or a people group. 

Check out this East Coast family road trip to Washington D.C., Philadelphia, PA and Ocean City, MD.


How can you help your kids dream about future travel?  

Buy your kids a journal, calendar, a U.S. or a world map.  Pin where you've bin.  Flag where you'd like to go.

Request travel magazines from different tourism sites or print pictures off the internet. Cut and paste photos of where they'd like to go in a special journal. 

Let your kids help plan your next trip. Ask each person in your family for the number one thing they hope to experience and work hard to make sure you do it.  

How has traveling helped your family?  What have your kids learned from it?  We'd love to hear, so please comment below!

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