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Super, adventurous family vacations 2018

Super, adventurous family vacations 2018

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Fresh ideas for travel in 2018

We all need help from time to time, no doubt.

Here at Rad Family Travel, we believe we can all live our best life with the help of others.

That includes connecting, sharing, and brainstorming ideas with other families like yours and ours who value recess and great getaways with the goal of returning home rejuvenated and reconnected.

This coming year, we want to help you get out there together.

So, needing inspiration for your next best vacation with your growing kids and teens?

We got you covered.

Road trips on a budget

As a family of six, we've logged a lot of miles on our ole' swagger wagon. While we enjoy flying, driving beats out flying 99.9% of the time when it comes to traveling on a budget.

We get it.

Some of our all-time favorite family vacations included long road trips. Like our California road trip here.

Photo courtesy of  pixabay

Photo courtesy of pixabay

Our favorite places

National parks, beaches, cities, mountains.

Roughing it or luxe travel? We like both. 

Check out the gorgeous, spoil-you-rotten Big Cedar Lodge in the Ozark Mountains or an unforgettable road trip through Utah's Mighty Five.

Outdoor adventure is high on our list, especially with tweens and teens.

Relaxing and just hanging out together is key too. We appreciate a mix of action and chill time.

Best destinations in the U.S. & abroad

Looking for a quiet Florida beach that stretches for miles? Check out Cape San Blas

Searching for the best family resort in Europe? We vote for Sani Resort in Greece! Or how about a family cruise through the Carribean?

Check out fantastic destinations in different parts of the world:


Florida, Greece, Belize, cruising the Caribbean, east coast, west coast... unique beaches exist all over the world in different shapes and forms for your family to enjoy. Consider these gorgeous beaches here.


New York City, Washington D.C., Philadelphia, Ocean City Maryland, and more. Cities can be adventurous places for families with teens and pre-teens. Explore ideas for cities here.


We're partial to Colorado, California, and the Ozarks when it comes to mountainous getaways. When was the last time you hiked, kayaked, fished, camped, or biked in the mountains? See more here.

National Parks

Yosemite, Zion, Channel Islands, and more. Have you yet to step foot in our nation's diverse, jaw-dropping 59 national parks? Discover more here.

United States

Hop on the road and see the U.S. from every angle. Numerous possibilities for road trips here. 


Have frequent flyer miles your family can use? Want to cruise to exotic islands? Check out these tried-and-true worldwide family vacations here.

We are on a mission to share great destinations for your family's next best vacation.

Explore our site today, or even better, join the fam and grab your FREE eBooklet packed with loads of ideas for 2018.

Best Nine 2017

Best Nine 2017

Exploring Andalucia, Spain with family

Exploring Andalucia, Spain with family